Tin Foil Hat w/ Xero God, ILLPO, Tide Eyes

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Tin Foil Hat
Asheville based producer Tin Foil Hat is celebrating the release of Dance w/ You. It’s synthpop with an experimental flair, hooks and riffs that teeter on the edge of “music for musicians.”

Xero God
Journey through hallucinatory dream visions that careen down neon-lit midnight streets and soar to interplanetary heights. The sound is gritty but transcendent as Musashi Xero’s verses punctuate Panther God’s worlds of sound. The universe of Xero God is deeply chill and uncompromisingly imaginative, the sounds lush and evocative, echoing through innermost space and resonating across the mind’s eye.

There are a lot of hip hop groups….But only a few movements. Rarely before in hip hop history has one group succeeded in taking their entire local hip-hop community to a different level of musical ingenuity. Each energetic performance built on the last, ILLPO has consistently rocked local fans, radio, and industry insiders throughout the Carolinas. In fact, the UPSOUTH Movement began when Damon Blanchard, a.k.a. Mundae Boones, & Jermaine Brown, a.k.a J Bond, realized that they had two gifts: talent to win and courage to compete. Both born in the north and raised in the south, they united with a singular mission: to establish North Carolina‚Äôs rightful place to the top of the rap game. Students of hip hop since childhood, both have survived the struggles associated with hood life- and made the most out of all sorts of ill positions. Thus, ILLPO was conceived.

Tide Eyes
Guitar. Electronics. Vocals. One Person. Recorded at home.