We took the 40 minute drive out west and took the kids to Tube World in Maggie Valley. Our 4 year old daughter was tall enough to ride the main slides but it would have been a little too intense for her. We opted to have both her and her 2 year old brother play in the kiddie area. All of the snow here is man-made. The main run seemed pretty fun even though we didn’t experience it. The main run is $25 for an hour and fourth five minutes. The kiddie area is $5 per kid. The kids loved it but they could have done a little better in our opinions. You had to give the kids a pretty forceful shove to get the tube to slide down the kiddie slope. I guess since the kids had fun that is all that’s matters. We attempted to check out the ski runs at Catalooche but they were shuttling people from one of the lower lots and they would let us drive up to just take a look around and the kids were already all unbundled with shoes off. My husband and I will be heading back there on a week day to check out the local ski area.